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The Process

Analyzing your needs

When you contact the C.S. Garber team you can rest assured that we guard your information and respect your privacy.  We will never sell or distribute your name nor contact information and we will only contact you at the time and means that you request.

Then what?  The process will proceed as follows:


1. After your initial contact, we will arrange a mutually beneficial time for us to visit your home or site to analyze your water needs.  At that time, we can also review and discuss the available options as to where to locate your well and how to make the connections into the house.


2. After that initial site visit then we can prepare a cost estimate for drilling the new waterwell.  Many factors go into this estimate:  Water flow needs, estimated drilling depth, distance from the house, other underground utilities, etc.


3. Next a water professional will review the available choices and associated costs with you and discuss the most suitable package to fit your particular needs.


4. Once a plan is developed and agreed, then a detailed well drilling contract will be prepared for your protection.  The contract will spell out exactly what you can expect from C.S. Garber & Sons for this most important drilling project.


5. Once an agreement is executed then permit applications will be prepared and submitted to the appropriate regulatory agencies.  This process could be a few days to a month or more depending on the scope of the project and the responsible agency.


6. Finally the well is drilled, the site is cleared and a protective well cap is installed.


In an emergency, this process can sometimes be completed in as little as 1 day but typically a few weeks will be required to complete the entire process.  Rely on the professional C.S. Garber team to do the project right!  Contact us today to learn how we can fulfill all of your water well drilling and well services needs.

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Water - The world's most precious commodity!

When you need a new waterwell, rely on the most experienced waterwell professionals at C.S. Garber & Sons drilling.  The C.S. Garber team meets or exceeds not only the most current state and local regulations,  but also the best industry practices gained from developing thousands of waterwells.  A poorly constructed well may lead to poor water quality or quantity and it may be impossible to correct.  Don’t take chances with your family’s health; contact C.S. Garber & Sons today for the most advanced and trustworthy partner.

For larger commercial wells or multi-family community wells, the professional team at C.S. Garber & Sons has all of the equipment and expertise to develop any size well that may be required to fulfill your water needs.  Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your water needs.


Our team at C.S. Garber & Sons Inc. will form a detailed plan before drilling your new well.


The plan always begins with a professional site survey to analyze the water needs in your specific location. From the survey, we'll determine the water well's designated placement.


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